drink deals in colchester

Drink Deals

Here at V Bar we have plenty of ways to take advantage of deals on our cocktails, beers and more. See below for how to make the most of your visit

Weekly Deals

Double Loyalty Points

Monday – Wednesday 5pm – Midnight

Every Monday – Wednesday you can get double points on your loyalty card when you buy any Exclusive Elixir cocktail or draught beer. Rack up your points during the week to have them ready to spend at the weekends!

Two Cocktails for £9

Thursday – Saturday 5pm-9pm

Kick start the weekend right by taking advantage of our awesome two cocktails for £9 deal. The deal applies to all of our exclusive elixirs and classic cocktails so get in nice and early at the weekend to get the best out of it!

Monthly Deals

We have rotating monthly drinks deals which are available every night throughout the month. From savings on beers and shots to one-off cocktails specials.

The monthly deals for February are:

Pineapple Poultice: £5.50
Dark Rum, Fresh Lime, Mango Syrup and Pineapple Juice.

Nootrpopic: £6.50
Toffee Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico and Cream.

Bottles of Budvar: £3.00

Jug of Iced Tea: £12.00

Fruit Salad, Refresher, Toffee, Skittles, Bubblegum, Cherry Drop and Vimto Bon Bon!